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This white-clad, very lightweight Apple 13-Inch Macbook T7200, weighing-in at just 5 pounds, is easy to carry if you commute, or are walking around campus. The keyboard is well-designed with large buttons, and this model comes equipped with a transflective 13-inch screen. The mouse is still one button on this machine, and industry-wide prevailing wisdom indicates that Apple will likely not move to a right-click, thereby two-button, mouse. Another great feature is it does not heat up as some other Macbooks do, as it was made from a strong polycarbonate plastic rather than the larger Macbooks that are made from a heat-conducting aluminum alloy. This is an attractive, diminutive computing option, largely designed for those on-the-go. Reviews are largely positive although there are a few things customers consistently discuss as something they would like to see on future Macbooks.


First, when Apple moved to Intel processors, they have became a more popular option for those that are impressed with Intel products. That being said, this Macbook was supposed to get the fastest Intel chipset, which it did not. There is some discussion of that amongst users, yet it does not seem to affect performance. The screen is something else where discussion one when Apple might move to a lighter-weight, LED-backlit screen, which will make the device just a little lighter, and a little less generic than the current screen. A few other issues causing some mixed reviews include having just 2 USB ports, and no HDMI port nor memory card reader. Another concern is that the base configuration precludes the ability to upgrade DVD/CD-RW drive, with the burner option only being available on higher-end Macbook models.

There is a very positive feature that all customers seem to love, and that is the iLife software suite that comes preinstalled on this T7200 model. There are great features in this set of Apple tools, like GarageBand and FrontRow as just a few examples, and the quality of this software far outweighs anything comparable on the Windows platform. In the end, this 13-inch Macbook is great for novice users, and for those who need something lightweight with all the functionality of the Apple iOS. It is competitively priced, and is a great way to start on an Apple product, allowing time to get familiar with their platform without taking on significantly greater cost basis. Apple is in the position of having made such a great product, they have completely raised the bar on what their customers expect from them. This model, complete with 2 GHz Core 2 Duo T7200 RAM and 1 GB DDR2 hard drive , seems to have satisfied their customers with most regarding it a pretty good value overall.



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