Is An HP Stream 11.6 Inch Laptop A Good Alternative For You.



HP Stream 11.6 inch review

A cloud connected computer at a competitive price.

Hewlett Packard Stream laptops are made to use a cloud storage system rather than complete dependence on traditional hardware storage. A cloud storage system is one in which data is stored by a remote server rather than on the computer itself. There are at least two benefits of this type of storage. First, it takes a less powerful processor than it would to store everything on your hard drive. The second advantage may be even more pertinent; anything stored in a cloud can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available. The potential benefit to businesses, organizations, social groups and others seems nearly unlimited.

(If you’re relatively new to the world of computers and internet you may need a glossary of some type. is an example of a good, user friendly one.)

HP Stream 11.6 inch laptop features and specs

An HP Stream 11.6 inch laptop comes with 32GHz of solid state drive storage space. Purchasers can also obtain one terabyte of Onedrive. One drive is the Microsoft cloud storage system. Google Chrome is another such system and Onedrive is the Microsoft answer to Chrome. The software that is needed to use Onedrive is 365 Office. A version intended for non commercial use, 365office personal, is available for free for the first year. If you are concerned about being baited by this fee offer into a commitment that will later prove to be outside your budget, check out current prices. Simply do a search for Office 365 Personal or go directly to Software King.

In addition to those mentioned above the 11.6 inch HP stream also has”

— A 2.4Ghz Intel Celeron Processor
— 2Gb of DDR3L Ram
— A 1366 x 768 pixel LED illuminated screen
— fanless flash storage
— HD display

This laptop uses a Microsoft Windows operating system. The details above apply to one in which Windows 8 is used. Amazon also offers a Windows 10 version. Best Buy was selling an HP Stream 11.6 inch laptop which had Windows 8.1 installed.

What do the customers and reviewers say?

The HP Stream has gotten generally positive reviews by those who bought it. There has been some concerned raised about its design: one reviewer found that his wrists came into contact with an uncomfortable edge every time he used the key board. Other reviewers mentioned they needed to remove adware and make other adjustments to the computer before it suited their needs. For many of us such options are fantasy land in the first place. Many reviewers thought this a very good lap top for the price.

In Summary

If cloud storage meets your needs the HP stream 11.6 inch laptop is good enough to take a look at. It’s probably not quite good enough to forego looking at other laptops as well.

Like a crane working your computer can deliver your information to the clouds where, like rain it can be widely dispersed.

Similar to glass in binoculars use of cloud storage magnifies your reach.

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